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About Us


Spun Gold - A story in every meter, each meter telling a yarn

Spun Gold's beautiful store is situated in the heart of Goa's capital on 18 June Road, Panjim. “Don’t just wish it, wear it!

L to R - 1. Upstairs "ethnic wear"; 2. The view from outside the store; 3. A view of the ground floor and railing 'made to look like saree pleats'; 4. Shoppers browsing...

We now retail online to extend the reach of the magic of Indian Handloom, personally curated from across the country.

Featuring Pure Silk Sarees in its myriad forms

  • Lustrous Crêpe, Georgette, Stunning Gadwals, soft and light Bangalore Silks and airy Chanderi’s.
  • Paying homage to the Heritage Weaves of Kanchivaram and Benaras with their stunning creations.
  •  Ethnic Weaves, is where our weavers have incorporated cotton and silk thread with natural fibers’ such as Bamboo, Banana, Kemp, Jute etc to create offerings that are stunning  yet light, lustrous and ecological.

The Handloom Story... 

The echoing temple bell, the sweet smell of incense, the chatter of kids, the baying of goats, the scorching Indian summer, the frigid Indian winter– amidst all this the weaver plies his trade, capturing life around him, weaving what he sees and hears in every thread and every pull.

The threads are his characters, their colors his language. What about that magical Golden Yarn you ask? That is his favorite touch; the embellishment. Unfinished is the garment that has none! It is the music, the underscore, the fragrance, the taste! Zari – evocative as the name, where each thread is tastefully integrated into his language and then like a symphony lifts the story into the heavens- where it is said, that even God stops to listen – Spun Gold! 

L to R - 1. Street Sizing in Chanderi; 2. A weaver at work on a vibrant saree; 3. The Drawing for the 'punch card'; 4. The final piece with a 'dash' of 'zari'
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