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What do you sell?

What are the various kinds of Silk you sell? Why Buy from Spun Gold?

How do I browse the site, explain the navigation please?

Will the product that I get in hand, be similar to the product as seen on your website?

How do I know the sarees are pure silk? Do you have Silk Mark?

How to send a Spun Gold product as a gift?

What is your exchange policy?

Order Process

Can I place the order in Cash on Delivery Method?

I have selected Bank Transfer, now what?

Can the billing address and shipping address be different?

Do you ship to all the countries?

How do I know if my order has been dispatched?

What are your International Shipping rates?

What is the process once I have selected the pieces that I wish to buy?

Who is your courier partner? How do I track shipping of my products once bought?

Silk Care tips

How to store Silk sarees?

Should I dry-clean my silk sarees?

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